Native Americans dancing in traditional dress at the Pacific Southwest Museum

The Indian Citizenship Act was passed by the United States Congress on June 2, 1924.

The Act granted Native Americans born in US territory citizenship. Before 1924, very few Native Americans were allowed to obtain citizenship in the US.

During the previous century, the quick westward territorial expansion by white Americans reached the Pacific Ocean by the mid-1800s. Native American tribes spanning the West Coast to the East Coast were effectively absorbed by the growing imperial power of the US.

Then in 1851 — in the years after white American settlers had reached California in search for gold — Congress…

Examining How Racism and Marijuana Intertwined in the 1930s

How the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 was fueled by racism and instigated by greed.

The beginning of marijuana prohibition in the United States was about racism and greed more than it was about any potential dangers posed by smoking marijuana.

Less than one hundred years ago, the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 was passed. The Marihuana Tax Act didn’t exactly ban marijuana, but it did impose what was later deemed an unconstitutional tax on everyone involved in marijuana commerce.

In practice, the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 resulted in the criminalization of marijuana, a common substance and plant that had been long used for its medicinal properties.

Within less than four decades, between 1900…

A Quick Guide

Stand up for what you believe is right and take action.

The need for politically active citizens is more important now than ever. The world is smarter, faster, and more plugged in than ever before in human history and yet we are plagued by environmental issues, gender discrimination, homophobia, racism, political and social issues, greed, and far many more problems that are holding back human progress.

Being an activist and standing up against the social injustice and other issues we see isn’t just about marching and protesting in the streets. Activism is about educating yourself and educating others around you. …

A Guide to Planning to The End

Manifest Success by Planning to the End and Taking Action Towards Your Goals

Individuals who have managed to come into financial, social, and political power have all arrived there through sheer perseverance and a strong desire to get to that physical or symbolic place. A desire or idea that was manifested into actionable steps and into reality.

Success very rarely arrives at your doorstep overnight. And when it does, you’re susceptible to losing it all if you’re unprepared. Similarly, if you fail to recognize when to stop, the success you’ve built becomes susceptible to collapsing under you. To create lasting success, we have to thoughtfully contemplate what it is we want.

The most…

For much of his career, Chris Benoit was considered one of the most talented technical professional wrestlers. Benoit was a Canadian-born wrestler who trained under Stu Hart’s Hart Dungeon. The same training school that produced wrestlers Bret and Owen Hart, Natalya, Brian Pilman, Chris Jericho, Roddy Piper, and Jushin Thunder Liger among other great talents. Benoit was a workhorse. He was dedicated to his craft unlike few others have ever been. He was a professional wrestler at heart but his undying passing for the squared-circle also led to Benoit’s unforeseen demise.

The Benoit tragedy is one of the darkest stories…

Modern contemporary history begins in the year 1945. The year the Second World War ended and came to a conclusive end. The war changed the lives of individuals in every corner of the globe. The repercussions of WWII transformed everything and art could no longer be approached the same way as before. The art and literary movements that were born from the seeds of destruction reflect what it means to be a human being in the mid-20th Century.

The literary and poetry movements that followed the war were far different than their early 20th Century counterparts. Literary movements such as…

Friday the 13th (1980)

In the fall of 1978, John Carpenter released one of the most famous slasher horror movies of all time, Halloween, and effectively changed the direction of horror films in the next decade. The film wasn’t the first slasher film ever made, but it was the first slasher film to bring the genre to mainstream audiences in a way that had never happened before. The success of the movie helped to reignite the growing horror film genre.

By the early 80s, more and more horror films were gory, aggressive, some were comedic, and most were just ripping each other off, hoping…

New wave music combined the essence and ethos of punk rock with new electronic and disco elements that emerged in the late 1970s and 80s, filled with synthesizers and pop inspired sounds. Bands like Blondie, Talking Heads, and Devo helped popularize the genre as it developed inside the walls of the famous CBGB club.

And by 1982, former Stooges and already legendary punk rock frontman Iggy Pop, was five years and five albums into his solo career, and on the verge of recording and releasing his own final new wave era of albums with Zombie Birdhouse. One of Pop’s most…

The goods we produce and consume all eventually degrade. They break down into tiny pieces, being eaten by fungus and other organisms until they no longer exist or until the human eye is unable to see them at least. But there is a large difference between products that are biodegradable verses products that are simply degradable. And this difference is what makes the things we consume that much more detrimental to the environment. …

In February 1974, one year after the release of Iggy Pop & The Stooges’ third studio album Raw Power, The Stooges once again disbanded, the second time in only three years. …

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